DATED - Rev November 5, 2009

PURPOSE:  to promote amateur radio and in case of emergency, to assist local and national, agencies as Emergency Management, American Red Cross, etc.,  with radio communications and message handling.



A.    The membership of the Muscle Shoals Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (MSARC) is composed of licensed amateur radio operators and others interested in promoting and carrying out the purpose of the organization.

B.    There are three classes of membership, namely, Regular, Honorary, and Sustaining.

1.    REGULAR MEMBERSHIP is open to the holder of a valid amateur radio license issued by the Federal Communications Commission.  Regular members pay dues and have the right to vote.  To become a regular member, a licensed amateur radio operator must submit a written application together with payment of dues to the MSARC.  The applicant will become a member upon approval of a majority of the regular members present at a regular meeting.

2.    HONORARY MEMBERSHIP  Honorary members do not pay dues and have no vote.  Any regular member of the MSARC may submit in writing a request for consideration of an individual to honorary  membership.  Acceptance of such application is subject to the vote of two-thirds of the regular members present at any regular meeting provided a quorum is present.

3.    SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP is open to persons interested in amateur radio communications and the purpose of the organization.  Sustaining members shall pay dues as provided but shall not have the right to vote.  Written application for sustaining membership together with payment of dues may be made at any time and may be approved at any time by the majority of the regular members present at any regular meeting.

C.    Dues for a regular member or a sustaining member shall be $20.00 per year unless more than one member, regular or sustaining, lives in the same household.  In which case, the dues for each additional member of the same household shall be $10.00 per year.

D.    There shall be no assessments to the members.  Dues are due and payable on the first day of the anniversary month of membership each year and will be considered as delinquent the first day of the following month.



Election of officers and directors shall be held at the first regular meeting in February of the even years.  At least sixty days prior to the election date, the President shall appoint a nominating committee composed of three regular members.  The nominating committee shall, at the first regular meeting in January, make its report and nominate at least one regular member for each office.  Additional nominations from any regular member may also be made at this time.  Each person nominated shall have been contacted and shall have agreed to assume the duties and responsibilities of the office to which he or she has been nominated.

The Secretary shall then compose a ballot with the names and offices of those nominated.  The vote will be taken at the first regular meeting in February thirty minutes after the meeting convenes and all ballots reaching the Secretary prior to that time shall be counted.  Officers and Directors so elected shall assume office at the first regular meeting in March.



The Officers of the MSARC shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Repeater Licensee.  The Directors shall be composed of the immediate past President and one other regular member not holding another elective office concurrently.  The Board of Directors shall be composed of the Officers and Directors.  the President shall preside at meetings of the Board of Directors and shall be entitled to a vote at such meetings.  All Officer and Directors shall be regular members of the MSARC and shall be elected for a term of two years and shall serve from March to March of the two year term or until their successor is elected and installed.

The President presides at all meetings of the membership and Board of Directors.  The President is not entitled to vote in regular meetings except in the case of a tie in which case he or she may cast the deciding vote.  The President appoints committees and performs all of the customary duties of a President.

The Vice President is in charge of publicity and is editor of the Newsletter and serves in the absence of the President.  In the event the President shall be unable to perform the duties of the office or shall be removed from office, the Vice President immediately becomes President and holds that office for the remainder of the term.

The Treasurer shall receive all monies due and payable to MSARC and shall keep an accurate record thereof as well as an accurate record of all expenditures.  He or she shall open a checking account in the name of the MSARC for the payment of normal expenditures.  Any reserve funds other than for normal operating expenses shall be deposited in a savings account.  Accounts shall require one signature: the President or the Treasurer.  An accurate record of the financial condition of the MSARC shall be maintained and at the request of the President, the Treasurer shall make a report of such financial condition to the membership.  At the expiration of his or her term of office, a detailed financial report shall be made and turned over to the incoming Treasurer.  In addition, the books and records shall be open to inspection by a regular member at any regular meeting.

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all the meetings and meetings of the Directors and Officers, record changes to the bylaws, handle correspondence, maintain a membership roster and furnish this information to the Club Newsletter when requested.

The Club Station Licensee is responsible for the Club's compliance to all F.C.C. rules and regulations.  He is the responsible party of the W4JNB Club License.  All members shall use the W4JNB Club License with the proper decorum as dictated by the F.C.C

The duties of the Board of Directors shall be to hold, transfer, and dispose of all equipment and other property of the Corporation; to maintain an adequate inventory of all such property; and to determine and authorize all expenditures to be paid by the Treasurer or President.

The Officers and Directors shall meet no less than once quarterly.  A report to the membership shall be made at the first regular meeting immediately following said meeting of the Officers and Directors.  In the event a vacancy occurs in any office other than president, the Board of Directors shall elect a member to serve said office for the time period until that term expires.


A.    The Club Repeater Committee shall consist of the Repeater Licensee and at least two other members, as selected by the club membership. This committee will coordinate the maintenance of the repeater, be responsible for programming of the controller and messaging, and ensure the adherence to FCC Rules and Regulations. This committee shall meet when necessary and report to the club any recommendations in these matters for the clubs approval.

B.    The Field Day Committee shall be responsible for the activities and participation in Field Day.  The committee shall consist of a chairman appointed by the President.  Other members may be selected by the Chairman as required.

C.    The Training and Education Committee shall be responsible for conducting classes in radio theory, amateur regulations and code, and for providing other such education in order to assist in the licensing of radio amateurs.  The committee shall consist of a Chairman selected by the President.  Other members may be selected by the chairman as required.


A.    Regular meetings shall be held during the first week of each month.  In the event that a meeting date falls on a holiday, the membership may select another suitable date or omit said meeting.

B.    A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of five regular members, at least one of which must be an officer.

C.    The rules of order as prescribed in Robert's Rules of Order, as revised, shall prevail unless they are in conflict with the Constitution and bylaws of the club.


The articles of incorporation and bylaws of the Muscle Shoals Amateur Radio Club, Inc., may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the regular members present at a regular meeting provided the following notices have been given:

The proposed amendment must be submitted to the Secretary in writing at a regular meeting and read to the membership at that meeting by the Secretary.

The proposal to amend the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws shall then be published in the Newsletter prior to the next regular meeting and the proposal shall be discussed and voted upon at such meeting.  Any amendment to the Articles of Incorporation and/or bylaws shall then be published in the Newsletter in full after adoption.

A copy of the Bylaws, as amended to date, shall be presented without charge to each new member and a copy shall be made available to any other member upon payment of the actual cost of such a copy.